Future Books

Coming Soon to The New Muse Book Series

    • The Colors of Mind in the Garden of Knowledge
    • Psyche in the Theatre of the World
    • The Death of Atheism and the Rise of the Spiritual Maverick
    • LIZ:  Messages from Mother; The Connections beyond the Veil
    • Yeshua Esoterica: The Untold Story of Jesus
    • The Jungian Supernova: A secret History of Psychiatry
    • Gotama’s Take: The Rise and Fall of Mystical Buddhism

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The Neural Aspects of the Eyes of Egypt

The New Muse Presents This short piece on ancient intuitive neural knowledge, is an addendum to the blog Your Neural Aum, which depicts and compares the secret information of AUM, in the 3,000 year...



Steven A. Key and The New Muse Series Present:   MYSTIC UNIVERSE The Colors of Mind in the Garden of Knowledge Ancient and Modern Discoveries of Self "If you are in any way interested in the...