The New Muse By Steven A Key

the New Muse Series, by Steven A. Key

The bold, revealing books of the New Muse Series, by Steven A. Key, are a collection of writings focusing on the genres of body, mind, and spirit; neuroscience,  psychology, consciousness and ancient histories. Three provocative, history-challenging books have been published.

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Book 1: The Vikings Secret Yoga;The Supreme Adventure:

For the first time in 1,000 years, the Viking literature is finally revealed.

The Vikings had Secrets: Deep Yoga Secrets.


With their secretive poetic lore and mysterious pantheon of gods led by Odin the All-Father; Thor, the great Hammer-Striker; and Loki, the Evil One, it is almost impossible not to love the Vikings. But there are even more fans of the multi-faceted Yoga systems devised by the ancient Hindustani in India more than five thousand years ago

Steven A. Key makes the case that transcendental Yoga has not only endured over the millennia, but that it has traveled in different forms of spiritual or religious expression. Drawing on the writings of Joseph Campbell, the famous mythologist who hinted at a link between the cultures of the Eastern Hindus and the Northern Vikings, as well as other great thinkers, the author shows that Yoga has influenced Buddhism, Christianity,and yes – even the tenth-century Vikings. But, the poet-warriors encrypted this knowledge, no one ever knew or suspected, except for Joseph Campbell, who slightly deciphered the poetical ‘codes’. Steven A Key greatly extends and reveals the hidden knowledge of these marvelous codes, in a variety of ways.  Odin is not what he seems.

The Vikings had Secrets



Book 2:  How to Be Immortal ~ The Adventures of King Gilgamesh and the Wild Man.

How To Be Immortal - The Adventures of King Gilgamesh And The Wild Man by Steven A. Key

King Gilgamesh Saw the Deep.

In this dynamic portrayal, King Gilgamesh, Enkidu the Wild Man and all of the Epic’s major characters, are seen as living, breathing, embodied spiritual creatures. The great King of Sumer is actually the epitome of Body, Mind & Spirit, as are You. Perhaps that is the ancient authors great message, seen anew in this New Muse book.

How To Be Immortal - The New Muse Series by Steven A. Key

Enkidu, The Wildman

“You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience.
You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience.
We are one, after all, you and I. Together we suffer,
Together we exist, and forever will recreate each other.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The Vikings had Secrets


Book 3  Ancient Shock ~ Monsters, Philosophers & Saviors ~ How Neanderthals became Sapiens.

Ancient Shock - Monsters, Philosophers & Saviors - How Neanderthals Became Sapiens by Steven A. Key
Socrates was 9-12% Neanderthal

In Ancient Shock ~ Monsters, Philosophers & Saviors, ~ How Neanderthals Became Sapiens, the ‘standard model’ of academic history gets broken into pieces. Socrates, Jesus, Buddha, Greek hero’s, Trojan hero’s, and Chinese divine Kings are seen in an entirely new light.

The Author must warn the Reader: prepare for a considerable shock; this is the first and only book to examine the hidden history, and the lives of our hybrid humanity.

This book is dedicated to Stan Gooch, the world’s first paleo-psychologist, for his brilliant insight into the neuropsychology of the Neanderthals and their descendants, and to the untold legions of Neanderthal-Sapiens souls that were our distant ancestors. Without them, we wouldn’t be here.

The basic, scientifically supported premise presented here, is that the reader, the author, and nearly everyone on the planet has 2–4% (or more) Neanderthal DNA in their body. Where and when did this Neon DNA come from, in our distant past? Who were these other ancestors of ours? The theme of this book, our premise, must also strongly suggest, even mandate, that our ancient ancestors surely must have contained much larger amounts of hybrid-DNA than we do

The Vikings had Secrets



This is the first time in history that the Viking lore has been revealed.

In his previous techno-life, Steven A. Key had a long, challenging career taming IBM Mainframes, the largest computer systems in the world. As a researcher and technocrat, he combines proven investigative skills with his deep personal interests in all things pertaining to body-mind & spirit, science, and neuropyschology, to create the provocative New Muse Book Series. Good Reading to You, the ever-seeking, ever-learning Reader.


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“Illuminating and Compelling”       Archway Publishing/Simon & Schuster


“I greatly enjoyed The Vikings’ Secret Yoga. This is a ground-breaking book on a par with The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell.The clear links between the Vikings and other parts of the world are laid out in an eye-opening way. If you are interested in the secrets that link ancient societies this book is recommended. I am fascinated by the secrets hidden in the past and how they affect us to this day. This book is a must-read for all interested in these subjects.”
Laurence O’Bryan, author/owner: Advanced Social Media 


“I loved knowing how stories, characters and history evolved over time, while also relating to yoga. This was very interesting. This skilled writer, researcher and investigator provides a thought-provoking book filled with history, education, yoga and much more. Readers learn there is much more to yoga than we ever thought possible and it has a deep history. Thought-provoking and profound, this book is more than historical stories, poetry and yoga. Readers will find themselves going on a variety of journeys and learning more than they thought when first opening the book.”

The International Review


“The Vikings Secret Yoga by Steven A Key is a fascinating intake on the Poetic Edda of the Norse mythology. It correlates the myths of the Scandinavian folklore with Hindu mythology in the East. The narrator speaks of Odin, Thor, Loki, Heimdallr, and other Norse Gods and ties them up with other deities around the world. The author does not limit himself to gods and goddesses only. He also describes several significant events and symbols of worship in the Scandinavian culture and presents them in a different light. In addition to all these, this book also features a fictional tale involving a Viking warrior, Elkhart and a Hindu sage, Yanga which keeps the book interesting.”


“Very interesting!   January 17, 2020. What a complex study! More esoteric than Marvel/LOTR and a somewhat more difficult read. Some of the conclusions mesh easily with their service in the Varangian Guard and backed partly by antiquities, mythology, neuroscience, philosophy, late night History Channel, there’s a lot going on. The author maps out the parallels and intersections of the Nordic mystics with the pan Asian derivatives and the ways in which both influence Christianity as we know it. He uses story telling, drawings, poetry, and facts blended to illustrate the theory of Hindu influence on the Vikings. He pointed out the known Eastern influence on Celts and Druids and the inclusion of Sanskrit. All is concluded with a translation of the Poetic Edda. It’s a good thing that ebook allows highlights for future perusal!”

Jan; customer review:


Future books of the New Muse Series:


  • The Colors of Mind in the Garden of Knowledge ~ How to Know Your Self

  • Psyche in the Theater of the World

  • The Colors of Mind in Ancient Times: Egypt, India, Greece, China

  • The Death of Atheism and the Rise of the Spiritual Maverick

  • LIZ: Messages from Mother; The Connections beyond the Veil

  • Yeshua Esoterica: The Untold Story of Jesus

  • The Jungian Supernova: A Secret History of Psychiatry

  • Gotama’s Take: The Rise and Fall of Mystical Buddhism

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