Monsters, Philosophers & Saviors

Coming Summer 2020

In this provocative book, Steven A Key probes the DNA potentials of our long ancestral past, with startling results. Modern humans, according to genetic science, generally have 2-4 percent Neanderthal DNA in their blood and bones. Where did this DNA come from? The answer should be obvious. Our ancestors would have to had much more, as is logically required, but who were they?

Going back through the millennia, we can imagine human hybrid creatures, with perhaps 5,10, 15 percent or more, of Neanderthal DNA in their bodies. These amazing combinations rendered many historical versions of humankind’s Monsters, Philosophers & Saviors.

Witness, for the first time in history, the fascinating portrayal of key historical and legendary figures, such as the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Beowulf’s Grendel, and even Socrates, Jesus and the Buddha, as having above average levels of Neanderthal DNA in themselves, and their ancestry as well.

Truth is often stranger than Fiction.

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