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The-Vikings-Secret-Yoga-Book-2Steven A. Key, in a former technological life, had a career taming the largest computer systems in the world—those mysterious mainframes. Now, he writes mysterious books.

As a deep-researching computerist and technocrat, he was readily primed to combine his investigative skills with his deep personal interests in all things pertaining to body-mind and spirit. Combining unique approaches to neuroscience, psychology, consciousness, and ancient history, Steven created the New Muse Book Series.

His initial book, The Vikings Secret Yoga; The Supreme Adventure, is the first book of its kind in that it reveals the hidden Yoga of the tenth-century Norse poets.

This secret has been extremely well kept and is now revealed anew for the first time in over a thousand years, via the skeleton key of Raja Yoga.
Now, there are three more provocative NEW MUSE Books. Read the reviews below. 

  ~ All is True ~

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Are you a fan of the Truth?

If you enjoyed the writings of Eckhart Tolle, the mythology of Joseph Campbell, Deepak Chopra’s eastern teachings, along with Graham Hancock’s important books on prehistoric civilizations, then you are sure to love the deep, provocative books of The New Muse Series.


Reviews of Book Four (July/2021)

~The Colors of Mind in the Garden of Knowledge
~ Ancient and Modern Discoveries of Self


If you are in any way interested in the interaction between ancient beliefs,

religion and modern science, this book is a must-read,”   

Laurence O’Bryan, Amazon best-selling author.





Reviews of Book One:

The Vikings Secret Yoga ~ The Supreme Adventure

Review of The Vikings Secret Yoga by Steven A Key


“Illuminating and Compelling”    Archway Publishing/Simon & Schuster


“I greatly enjoyed The Vikings’ Secret Yoga. This is a ground-breaking book on a par with The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell.

The clear links between the Vikings and other parts of the world are laid out in an eye-opening way. If you are interested in the secrets that link ancient societies this book is recommended. I am fascinated by the secrets hidden in the past and how they affect us to this day. This book is a must-read for all interested in these subjects.”

Review of The Vikings Secret Yoga by Steven A. KeyLaurence O’Bryan, author of The Istanbul Puzzle mystery series; owner, BooksGoSocial


“The Vikings Secret Yoga: The Supreme Adventure was a pretty good read. It is a nice pace to read a different era I do not normally read. Four and a half stars.”

Amy’s Reviews/Goodreads


“I loved knowing how stories, characters and history evolved over time, while also relating to yoga. This was very interesting. This skilled writer, researcher and investigator provides a thought-provoking book filled with history, education, yoga and much more. Readers learn there is much more to yoga than we ever thought possible and it has a deep history.

Thought-provoking and profound, this book is more than historical stories, poetry and yoga. Readers will find themselves going on a variety of journeys and learning more than they thought when first opening the book.”

The International Review

~!~Review of The Vikings Secret Yoga by Steven A Key

“The Vikings Secret Yoga by Steven A Key is a fascinating intake on the Poetic Edda of the Norse mythology.

It correlates the myths of the Scandinavian folklore with Hindu mythology in the East. The narrator speaks of Odin, Thor, Loki, Heimdallr, and other Norse Gods and ties them up with other deities around the world.

The author does not limit himself to gods and goddesses only. He also describes several significant events and symbols of worship in the Scandinavian culture and presents them in a different light.

In addition to all these, this book also features a fictional tale involving a Viking warrior, Elkhart and a Hindu sage Yanga which keeps the book interesting.”


“Very interesting! January 17, 2020. What a complex study! Review of The Vikings Secret Yoga by Steven A KeyMore esoteric than Marvel/LOTR and a somewhat more difficult read. Some of the conclusions mesh easily with their service in the Varangian Guard and backed partly by antiquities, mythology, neuroscience, philosophy, late night History Channel, there’s a lot going on.

The author maps out the parallels and intersections of the Nordic mystics with the pan Asian derivatives and the ways in which both influence Christianity as we know it. He uses story telling, drawings, poetry, and facts blended to illustrate the theory of Hindu influence on the Vikings.

He pointed out the known Eastern influence on Celts and Druids and the inclusion of Sanskrit. All is concluded with a translation of the Poetic Edda. It’s a good thing that eBook allows highlights for future perusal!”

Jan E.; customer review:


Reviews of Book Two:

How To Be Immortal ~ The Adventures of Kings Gilgamesh and the Wildman.

How To Be Immortal - The New Muse Series by Steven A. Key

I have read few books that have the genius of this one. Mr Key has really hit on something IMO has never been really explored adequately. Have our brains evolved as we have lived on Earth? Were there men and women with powers long extinct? I could not put this down as it made so much sense that I marveled at how it has never been explained like this before. Gilgamesh is one of my favorite ( myths?) from the Ancient Past. The fact that it contained clues as to mankinds development is now clear. Our ancestors left clues as to their lives. They were not simple as portrayed by modern theorists but just as smart as we were. Maybe smarter in other ways that we have forgotten. Clearly written and flows as smoothly as the rivers that ran through the cradle of civilization where it all started. I look forward to more books by Mr Key. Five Stars.  MAX ~ Amazon customer


 The ancient story of life, death, terror & the great quest for eternal life are revealed in this book,
which is unlike any book before it, concerning the Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh.
Highly recommended for those interested in a deeper view of ancient history. Daniel  Pelkey



Reviews of Book Three:

~Monsters,Philosophers & Saviors
~How Neanderthals Became SapiensAncient Shock - Monsters, Philosophers & Saviors - How Neanderthals Became Sapiens by Steven A. Key

A fascinating story about our Neanderthal ancestors!
A very thought-provoking book. A fascinating look at our Neanderthal ancestors. At some point there was interbreeding with homo sapiens, but Neanderthals didn’t survive. There remains traces of their DNA in our present day humans. There is evidence that they were not the brutish ‘tribe’ usually pictured but considerably more evolved in many ways. I recommend this important book. Nancy H. Whatley. 


Thought Provoking! Anything Steven A. Key writes is a thought provoking read!
He uses cold hard historical facts to build upon his very relevant theories.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Ancient Shock’, as Steven A. Key perfectly illustrates the logical possibilities behind the tales of Monsters, Philosophers and Saviors.
For those of you looking to expand the mind beyond a veil covered history, I highly recommend this book!   Deanna L. Lawlis.


I found the book both riveting…and indeed, shocking! This author spins our known history on its head, with
his revelations about our Neanderthal-Sapiens ancestry. He gives sight to the other side. Amanda Kay.


This book gives the reader another perspective of some of our world’s greatest characters. A great read. I will definitely be reading the other books in this series and building on this new knowledge. Thank you.  Joe; verified Amazon Customer