The Neural Aspects of the Eyes of Egypt

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This short piece on ancient intuitive neural knowledge, is an addendum to the blog Your Neural Aum, which depicts and compares the secret information of AUM, in the 3,000 year old Upanishads, and the ancient Devanagari and Muslim Scripts to the modern neuroscience findings of extensive brain & heart integrations.

Now, for the Eyes of Egypt!


The Neural EYES of EGYPT

The Above Image produced and provided by polymath Robert Heard:

As one can easily see, the observable attributes of the two ancient, artistic Egyptian  eyes are a perfect match in comparison to modern science of brain-lateralism, or the study of the brains Dual Hemispheres.

The two eyes also match their ownership by the two hemispheres, according to science:  The Left eye by the right brain, the Right Eye by the Left Brain.

Further, The Eye of RA, the Sun, rules the daytime of all humans.
The Eye of Horus, rules the moon and night.

It is also the right hemisphere that dreams…not the left, which
is only an Interpreter of of the Dreams that come through the Eye of Horus.


Another example of ancient neural symbolism is seen in the 10th century Scandinavian  Viking Lore, The Poetic Edda, where mysterious references are made, stating that Odin had to lose his ‘right’ eye, in order to gain Wisdom.

In the Norse tale, a hoary, mysterious creature Mímir (Ancient Memory) approaches Odin, and coyly states that he could drink from the waters of the well and gain divine wisdom, but only if he made a sacrifice; the sacrifice of his right eye( which is owned and attached to the left-brain Hemisphere, where neuroscience now says the Ego, or Self-Module resides)

The implied analogy is…get your Ego (left brain) out of the Way…so you can develop your listening abilities and begin gaining Wisdom.

The New Muse book, The Vikings Secret Yoga, reveals many one thousand year old encrypted secrets.  Example:  The Norse flying angel-warriors, the famous Valkyries, were definitely copied from India, where they were named the Dai-Vika. The two legends are an exact match in details, but the Dai-Vika literature is the oldest of the two.


Mystic Universe - The Colors of Mind in the Garden of Knowledge

More secret Neural-Artwork:  As revealed in the New Muse book, Mystic Universe, it is clearly shown that the famous image of The Creation of Adam, by Michelangelo, on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, contains clever, stealthy, depictions of human neural arrangements. This discovery was made not by the NEW MUSE, but rather, by a small group of imaging neurologists.


So, in several cultures, the ancients spoke of neural wisdom and how to get it, in ways that modern science will likely never understand, unless they they too follow the Path of Odin and gain Wisdom, by letting go of their short-sighted, Ego-clutching on limited measurements.

Our whole-brain system doesn’t work like that, its simply too expansive for statistics.

I sincerely hope you learned and gained neural wisdom by reading the above information.

Peace and Health

Steven A Key


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