The 5 H Miracle Club

Overcome Obstacles.

Focus upon Consciousness.

Quite often, in our modern, westernized society, we lose track of important priorities in our lives. Daily Life becomes a swirling blur, and is often filled with distracting anxieties.  Purely commercial or religious explanations no longer seem to assist us with our life goals, yet we should be able to establish a simple, helpful generic process that serves as the impetus for achieving one’s goals through an applied process. As the author of the New Muse book series, I often describe my own experiences, processes and values in my books. I coined the term, the ‘5H’ Club, initially, for family and a few friends. Here’s what it means, and how you can join the club.



The first H of the 5H Club stands for the Holy. Often difficult to approach or understand, this topmost, primary position constitutes 99.999 percent of our Being, yet one can overlook their own  inner nature, which can be either quiet, or quite overwhelming. Often called God, this needn’t be a religious idea, but a direct contact with a spiritual presence is strongly suggested. See this presence as being alive; this is a right-brain feature, so we can utilize our true neural  capability. Each of us has a different background and different interests, so we don’t need to adhere to any specific protocol. For the Holy, You can use any feeling or image you wish, but…be intense and constantly hold your attention to this holiness, which you yourself have chosen.

Godless Buddhists today have somehow forgotten Buddha’s very words, rather incredibly. Thus, we shouldn’t consider today’s Buddhism to be similar to that of Siddhartha Gotama, the founder, in 450 BCE, who lived in the Himalayan region.  After his tragedy of Nirvana (Nirvana means ‘personal death’, not enlightenment!), Siddhartha later experienced something that he called The Lovely and also The Lamp. He began instructing his followers, his monks,and stated

If You are Not Intimate with the Lovely, do not attempt the 8-Fold Path.

The vaunted 8-fold path in Buddhism, is Siddhartha’s idea of how his monks could achieve enlightenment through a series of lifestyle practices. Its rather amazing to me, that, he considered the holy presence, or his teaching  ‘intimacy with the Lovely’, to be the actual starting point for his monks, who could then achieve ongoing success via the 8-fold path, which will suddenly spring into life, after one is centered in their consciousness on the Holy, or Lovely. (Excerpts taken from Ananda K. Coomaraswamy; The Living Thoughts of Gotama)


Siddhartha’s great, powerful Nibannic (nirvanic) experience is very similar to the experience described in ancient China:

‘When One dies but the Body does Not Perish; that one Knows Eternal Presence”

Tao-Te-Ching, by old Lao Tzu.


Hopefully the reader will grasp (another left brain interpretation word) the commonality of the Holy Presence in these few, simple renderings. While the holiness may have faded from today’s temples and churches, its really because of the Ego’s slow twisting of organized religion.  Something new is required to overcome stifling,analytical,modern philosophy, and the religious fog of today’s organized religions. Today’s young folks are often aware of this, and write about it.

‘I’m not aware of too many things.

Philosophy; is the Talk on a Cereal Box,

Religion; is a Lie in the Fog”

Edie Brickell &  The New Bohemians

In the Ancient Ways, this would be seen as ‘Knowing Yourself’ and coming into contact with your higher nature. And its true, having only changed in its description by human folk, over the many ages and millennia. The Egyptians, Greeks, Hindu’s and other ancient cultures consistently spoke of humankind having a deeper holy nature, which was deeply involved in the great Wheel of Karma, as humans were born, lived, learned, and died upon the face of the Earth. These cultures also warned about the ‘forgetfulness’ that we encountered once living here; The Greeks, as Socrates, called this condition ‘Anamnesis’, or the forgetting of the soul’s prior memories, which are called the hidden Samskara’s by the Buddhists.  Understanding the limitations to human consciousness and returning to this larger-than-human-life state of awareness was the real reason for Plato’s statement in 2500 years ago. These notions yield an entirely new view upon life, death, and the hereafter. There are only a few that penetrate into these depths; the masses forego the Holy, in the main, having other sundry things on their mind.

Pythagoras knew that most Greeks of his time had no deep abiding interest in Holy (hiero) subjects; he told his followers to ‘follow the road less traveled’, during their morning walks; thus these Pythagorean’s were of a different sort. In the mind of all humans, including the Reader, there is a constant battle; the left-brain is constantly trying to interpret reality.

What’s Real? Is it this, or that; here, or over there?           (left brain chatter)

Pythagoras instructed his students in a high-level of spiritual interpretation. The shortest words, he said, are Yes and No, yet they carry the greatest importance, because in this succinct view, the decision being made pertains to the individuals life and understanding of reality.  Knowing the Holy, both inside and out, is a choice you must make. This is also the deeper path of ‘Knowing Yourself’, as Socrates and the Oracle at Delphi advised. My advice is to always say Yes to the endlessness of possibilities that can exist in our lives, as the infinite universe. The tiny-yet-large Left Brain Ego, also known in neuropsychology as the Self Module, or the Great Interpreter, can effectively shut out, or occlude, the greatness that an individual can achieve in his or her lifetime. It shouts NO rather loudly.


When John Lennon first met a young Japanese Artist, he had a bit of trouble understanding her speech, and also her art.  In the center of a large chamber room, Yoko Ono had placed a simple wooden ladder, which seemed like an orphaned piece of art to the leader of the Beatles.  They walked over to the ladder. Then, Ono pointed up with her hand.  There was a very small message tacked to the tall ceiling, which couldn’t be seen without going up the ladder. So, Lennon went up the art-ladder and got closer. Then he saw the overpowering message.  One simple word, staggeringly overwhelmed him. The word? Yes. Thus, a tumultuous relationship of artists began. They both thought highly of having an open mind.


So, this neural hemispheric stuff is not mere idle words; if a overly-analytical person leans too strongly and becomes ‘left-brain-dominant’, the great door of extended reality is shut, never even opened. The Great Interpreter says No to any possibility of a Holy presence, and thus, as Aldous Huxley once quipped, ‘the flow of consciousness is reduced to a mere trickle’. And the Ego, an internal orphan, lonely by itself, then wonders what went wrong in its life. This is the plight of Atheists, or those who never recognize the spiritual labyrinth inside themselves,  the ‘long and winding road’ that Lennon wrote about.

In the 1970′ Dr. Roger Sperry won his Noble Prize for the discovery of the neural hemispheric functions. Shortly thereafter, a neuroscience practice of curing Epilepsy was achieved in the surgeon’s room,by severing the connective tissue (corpus callosum) which connects the left and right hemispheres. After the strange new surgery, neuroscientist V. S. Ramachandra found, after questioning, that a person’s left brain did not perceive god or a holy presence. The Separated right brain, however, strongly believed in a God-like presence.  The implications are truly remarkable, as another aspect of our neural ‘radio’.

The Holy may seem like a dark cavern to the fearful ego. Not to worry. You are the Light. Just flip your Holy Switch. Sincerity is Electric. See your true nature.

Pindar, the ancient Greek Olympic Poet, wrote his marvelous poems, called  ‘Victory Odes’ to illustrate the potential victory of the soul over the mortal senses. The Greek masses never understood his poems, it is said, as they were not of a mortal nature. Hopefully You will, its important. A lot of spiritual experience and symbolism is coyly tied up in his words.


Creatures of a day! What is anyone?

What is anyone not? A dream of a shadow

Is our mortal being. But when there comes to men

A gleam of splendour given of heaven,

Then rests on them a light of glory

        And blessed are their days.

Pindar, Pythagoras, Socrates and Greek mystical philosophy are just one ancient way of looking into the Holy nature of one’s self. Study the best of the ancient methods and meditate deeply upon your own nature.  Be True to Your Self. As you meditate, do not hesitate to record your spiritual experiences in a Journal.

As psychic and spiritual experiences are received and perceived by You, its absolutely essential to assimilate them into your psychology and life style.

Deep Yoga-style systems are highly recommended, but one has to be wary of the wheat versus the chaff, as in all things.  In the New Muse Series, its indicated that the Greeks had their own yoga-like secret teachings.






We should listen to the 2,500 year old words of Hippocrates, the Father of Greek Medicine:  “Physician; Heal Thy Self”.  Being healthy is listed as the 2nd H, directly after the acknowledgement of the Holy.       

“Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being in which disease and infirmity are absent.”                                                                                                                                       ~ Wikipedia

Without your health, it is difficult to perform in life, and ancient folk placed a great emphasis on health and spiritual healing, and associated it with the holy essence within the individual. Modern medicine separates the mind and body during the treatment of its patients.  In the 5H process, we can join the physical, mental and spiritual. The study of the human physical, mental and electromagnetic bodies is an endless science. Personally, I avoid the mainstream medical establishment, with their many known woes, and instead, focus upon a regime of good diet, an active physical and mental lifestyle, natural medicines, and the gathering of medical knowledge, both mainstream and alternative. Its certainly possible to be healthy while keeping a good distance from good old doc, however, some must rely heavily on mainstream medicine, as their days move along. Its good to count most of your days as healthy ones. Feel Compassion for those who don’t.



In the Christian’s bible, its reported  that Jesus (Yeshua) once instructed his followers to simply love God and also their neighbor. This remains the best advice that one can receive, so the task is ours to take up. Being helpful, in whatever diverse way you choose, is a small blessing to those whom you choose to help, in small ways or big ways. The resonance of being helpful is a great psychological boon to those with sincere minds. Numerous neurological and scientific reports of the benefits of being helpful have been consistently overwhelming. The conclusion is obvious: 



                                              BEING A HELPFUL PERSON HELPS YOU!

With depression, and other mental epidemics looming everywhere in American society, why don’t we focus on these few ancient but mighty core values of the 5H club, and be consciously helpful as we can to those souls moving around us?

“When you start to develop your powers of empathy and imagination, the whole world opens up to you.”

Susan Sarandon

“Learning to stand in somebody else’s shoes, to see through their eyes, that’s how peace begins. And it’s up to you to make that happen. Empathy is a quality of character that can change the world.”   

                                                –Barack Obama

The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.”                    – Albert Schweitzer

“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”                                               –Theodore Roosevelt



Heuristic is a fancy word I learned while in the Mainframe business. It really means, simply, that we are to be bold, creative discoverers of what awaits us upon our path, the road of our life. Each person’s life can be heuristic, to a large or small degree. We often move at what seems to be a snails pace; at other times, Life rushes along.                

As a provocative author, I am constantly stunned at the new discoveries I make while on a creative endeavor, such as the writing of The Vikings Secret Yoga. All artists and creative persons, regardless of career are naturally curious and thus, Heuristic in their method, as are young children.   Express your Inner Child’s curiosity as you move though life. Discover Miracles in new understanding. 

‘ The Universe is either a Miracle or its Not’                             Albert Einstein


“I’m happy to report that my Inner Child is still ageless.”   James Broughton



Happy. Focus upon The 5H's.

Wanna put on a  serene happy face and dance when noboddy’s watchin?  Yes. 

It can be done. By focusing our resources upon the 5H club, we slowly begin to move into new arenas, with new directions in our lives.  Why be stagnant and unhappy, when you can join the 5H Club? 

“People are generally as Happy as they make up their minds to be.”                                                         Abraham Lincoln


Capture Happiness!  Carpe Diem.  Carpe Nocturn

Choose your options carefully, let each portion of the 5H process sink deeply into your mindset; do you really want to live any other way? Missing an H or two makes Joey or Susie an unhappy camper. And life is already difficult as it is, no? So, be creative and develop your own 5H process, and generate both new ideas and energy to bring your 5H system into clear view.  Notes are nice. Images too.




                 All is True   ~   Shakespeare

               “Don’t Breath Fire upon your Mirror”     Andreas Vollenweider 


How could it be possibly true, Shakespeare’s medieval statement that ‘All is True’?  Aren’t there supposed to be things that are either true, or untrue?

Its stated quite often, in ancient literature, that our behavior produces an effect upon our lives. In the Bible, this is known as ‘Reaping as You Sow’. In ancient India, the notion of Karma restates that ‘what goes around, comes around’, and even expands the biblical concept to include karma and reincarnation, which are extremely deep concepts, dealing with past lives, etc. Happiness is usually associated with understanding Karma, so, we know the wisdom of not breathing fire upon our own mirror. And there’s more…

In The New Muse Series, its written that Mirror Matter, a new scientific, quantum theorized process, is likely involved in these ongoing, invisible cosmic events, which we call our daily lives.  

“In physics, mirror matter, also called shadow matter or Alice matter, is a hypothetical counterpart to ordinary matter. Mirror matter may also be detected in electromagnetic field penetration experiments and there would also be consequences for planetary science and astrophysics.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Mirror Matter; Wikipedia

Mirror Matter, still yet to be fully understood by quantum science, is a logical puzzle-piece to be joined to the long-puzzling nature of Karma, the old eastern understanding. This mirroring of matter occurs in our bodies and minds, including our electromagnetic aspect, and also in the  mirroring of all atoms, stars, galaxies, etc. In all likelihood, there are multidimensional, invisible mirror moons, suns and galaxies. There are no exceptions, for anything that has mirroring form. This endless concept and/or reality readily explains how how a human can make an imprint upon their own local mirror-process, as has been suggested by the ancients. As Swiss musician Andreas Vollenweider said, we have to wise up, quickly, and realize we must not ‘Breath Fire upon our Mirror’. This is an extremely valuable lesson to learn while walking upon our path of life. Further, this ubiquitous, universal mirror can be thought of, if we wish, as being sentient…and alive. 

“Can’t You See Its All Alive?       SEAL

The earliest ancient Egyptians considered Thoth, the god of Divine Mind, or Divine Wisdom, was (and this is important!), the ‘Recording Angel’, who captured or recorded your lifetime, as it proceeded from birth to death. Perhaps this Recording Angel…is ancient intuition for a living Mind, described now in analytical, scientific terms as mirror matter.  The implications for Panpsychism are tremendous; this divine mind is in all things, creatures and humans, ranging from minute ProtoConciouness, to the limited intelligence we currently observe in our own humanness, to the greatness of the Galactic star system, which the Egyptians Call RA, the House of Divine Mind, which scattered itself throughout the Cosmos. 

Divine Mind, it would seem….is an unfolding, cosmic Seed. So, we should Grow, if we would be Happy.


When describing the flow of this 5H life path, always start from the left, as follows;                                                                                                                                                                  

       Holy > Healthy > Helpful > Heuristic > Happy


Simple enough?

So, if we are explaining correctly, a person’s daily life can be goal-focused based upon the holiness of it, the sincere desire to be healthy and helpful, while living the life of learning and discovery (heuristic, creative, etc). Anyone having these 4 qualities of behavior, will be best suited to experience the extremely elusive 5th H: Happiness. SO, to live a life induced to happiness, given the challenges of life, is to be Holy, Healthy, Helpful and Heuristic, always learning.

Focus upon The 5H's.

If one sincerely employs these simple disciplines of the 5H Club, which should include regular meditation, depression and anxiety can slowly melt away, or, even quickly disappear, as new direction and goals replace negative thinking and behavior. Meditation, study, and contemplation are strong components of a solid 5H life-building platform. Following the Yoga of Patanjali, Paramhansa Yogananda, and Sri Aurobindo, from out of the thousands of available yoga authors, guru’s and teachers, is a strong recommendation for a solid foundation. BKS Iyengar’s book commentary on Patanjali is a good choice. 

“Live Happily; Die Majestically”

                                                                                Yogin BKS Iyengar

My sister loves the simpleness of these few poignant ideas, and put a 5H note upon her fridge, as a reminder to dispel negativity. It becomes a kitchen talisman. The 5H Club can also be seen as integral Yoga, as it connects the many dots…of life.

In science, its often stated, as in the axiom of Occam’s Razor, that the best solution to a problem is usually the simplest one. The 5H Club’s priority-system requires the ordinary Ego to cease its own self-monitoring, and begin to enjoin with something greater than itself, and to be helpful to others. You, me, and everyone else are Spiritual Mavericks, Mavericks with an outstanding, marvelous opportunity. You read about it here, hidden behind our daily circus of fake news, and fake history:  ‘This is the chance of a lifetime!  Well, yes it is, but the intensity and sincerity are up to us.  What will we think and do today, with its many potential moments? This 5H process is very ancient, even predating all known organized religions, we have only renamed this ancient method to simplify the overall, generic process, which is  free to all who will focus on these priorities. Put them on the Fridge, if you wish.

The Prism illustrates the Holy dividing into the resources of life.


“I always tell people, live happily and die majestically.” -B. K. S. Iyengar, 14 Dec. 1918 – 20 Aug. 2014.

I wish you, in your life, great Holiness, Healthiness, Helpfulness, Heuristic-learning, and finally, great Happiness to you, my friend, in the Cosmic 5H Club.        ❤😉😎👌

                                                     Peace Love Lessons Wisdom Flight,


                                                                                     Steven A Key


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