Steven A. Key


The New Muse Series




The Colors of Mind in the Garden of Knowledge

Ancient and Modern Discoveries of Self

If you are in any way interested in the interaction between ancient beliefs,

religion and modern science, this book is a must-read,”

Laurence O’Bryan, Amazon best-selling author.



 Astonishing Answers to Universal Questions

We, in our  physical form, are a Living Wave of the Universal Mind,

which exists in all creatures, large or small.

What is the sacred Wisdom body that Joseph Campbell and the Ancients spoke of?

How did neuropsychologist Iain McGilChrist modernize the idea of the Wisdom Body?

Did Michelangelo purposely encrypt portions of this neural Wisdom Body upon

the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, in his most famous painting, The Creation of Adam?

Is our Heart-Mind a Mirror of the Universe?  How?

What is Quantum Mirror Matter, and how is it related to the ancient concept of Karma?

What is Astrological Physics, and why is it related to solar magnetism?

Did Hindu Yogins create a Neural explanation for the symbol of AUM, 3,000 years ago?

Does the 12,000 year old Shigir Idol reflect the symbolism of the ancient Wisdom Body?

Steven A. Key, in a former technological life, had a career taming the largest computer systems in the world—those mysterious mainframes. Now, he writes mysterious books. As a deep-researching computerist and technocrat, he was readily primed to combine his investigative skills with his deep personal interests in all things pertaining to Body-Mind and Spirit.
Combining unique approaches to neuroscience, psychology, consciousness, and ancient history, Steven created the New Muse Book Series. His initial book, The Vikings Secret Yoga; The Supreme Adventure, is the first book of its kind in that it reveals the hidden Yoga of the tenth-century Norse poets. Ancient Shock, the 3rd New Muse book, reveals our hidden history, being comprised of Neanderthal-Sapiens ancestors, from which our own DNA and culture spring.

Mystic Universe is available for purchase on Amazon.  See Below.  Enjoy!



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