Are You a Fan of the Truth?

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Are you a Fan of the Truth?


    The Vikings Secret Yoga

  The Supreme Adventure




If you enjoyed the writings of Eckhart Tolle, the mythology of Joseph Campbell, Deepak Chopra’s eastern teachings, or Graham Hancock’s books on prehistoric civilizations, you are sure to love this book.

This is the first time in history, over 1,000 years, that the original Viking lore, known as The Poetic Edda,  has been revealed.

With their secretive poetic lore and mysterious pantheon of gods led by Odin the All-Father; Thor, the great Hammer-Striker; and Loki, the Evil One, it is impossible not to love the Vikings. Yet, these names were shrewdly created by Norse Poets.



But there are even more fans of the multi-faceted yoga systems devised by the ancient Hindustani in India more than five thousand years ago.

Steven A. Key makes the case that transcendental yoga has not only endured over the millennia, but that it has traveled in different forms of spiritual or religious expression.

Drawing on the writings of Joseph Campbell, the famous mythologist who hinted at a link between the cultures of the Eastern Hindus and the Northern Vikings, as well as other great thinkers, the author shows that yoga has influenced Buddhism, Christianity, and yes – even the tenth-century Vikings.

Please see our other blog ‘The Vikings Secret Yoga‘, for the Table of Contents, Introduction, and Chapter 1.  (Good Reading).

Steven-A-Key-Profile-Image-sqSteven A. Key had a career taming Mainframes, the largest computer systems in the world. As a researcher and technocrat, he combines his  proven investigative skills with his deep personal interests in all things pertaining to body-mind and spirit, to create the provocative New Muse Book Series.


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